Facing The Future Of Events Head On

I know I’m not alone in thinking the world has gone a bit mad. It’s a mad mad mad mad world, which, aside from being one of my mother’s favourite movies is also weirdly true right now!

This last year has seen such drastic changes to the way many, if not most, of us live our lives and the number one question on a lot of people’s minds is When will life return to normal?

Making Virtual Funerals a memorable event for the RIGHT reasons

Covid has hit a lot of people a lot of different ways. Some have lost their jobs or businesses and some have lost people they care about. There are times when it feels like life is just out of our hands! There are certain areas of life that we’ve just taken for granted happen in one way only, and yet, that’s no longer true.

Online Party Brochure

Download this Brochure We’re confident we can make online events highly engaging and interactive, fun and festive and in some cases, even better than in the room… Testimonial from the Mama to Be… Julie, Thank you doesn’t cover what we want to say for today. It was lovely and fun, even my silver surfer dad […]

Your Perfect Virtual Funerals Brochure

Find out more Download the Brochure Get in touch and we can provide further details about our beautiful online funeral experience. Inspired by the sadness of our own experience, our aim is to provide a better experience for as many as we can.   Private enquiries and funeral directors welcome to get in touch. We […]

New Years Brochure

Find out more Download the Brochure Get in touch and we can provide further details about this fantastic online party experience that will get your 2021 off to a far more exciting start than you would have thought possible. Email: julie@yourexceptionalevents.com Call: +44 (0)7726 763 270  

Christmas Parties

Get in Touch to Learn More Fond Festive Memories from Christmas 2020 What our corporate clients had to say… Thank you so much for our Virtual Christmas Party. My face hurts from smiling so much and the team absolutely LOVED it!! You and the other hosts were amazing, some people said it topped last years […]