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You can stop worrying about planning your upcoming event by letting us do it for you!

We can design, coordinate and manage your perfect parties  from end to end, both online and in-person.

Get in touch today and we can discuss how we can help you plan the best possible event within your budget.

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The Expansion Pack:

Our new brands will focus on making every event beautiful, classy, enjoyable and memorable and to make the planning/running of the event as smooth as possible for our clients. 

Your Perfect Party and Your Perfect Wedding are not about all things Luxury. They are, however, about all things coming together beautifully and providing luxurious peace of mind.

All in the Detail

How We Can Help:

  • Designing your event
  • Sourcing and coordinating third party suppliers
  • Managing your event on the day as well as the 3rd Party Suppliers (selected by us or you)
  • Any one or all of the above!

No minimum budgets!

As an event planner, my goal has always been to use my talents (and those of the finest service providers I can find) to help others enjoy their celebrations to the utmost, free from stress, burden or concern and enjoy a beautifully choreographed and truly wow-inducing event experience…